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Into The Archives: Immersive Photobook

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In a captivating journey, Damien McDuffie and his dedicated team embarked on a global expedition, traversing Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar, to empower Black artists with the knowledge of augmenting their art through cutting-edge technology.

By using Damien's Black Terminus AR application, viewers are invited to activate and engage with the artwork featured in the "Into The Archives: Immersive Photobook," transcending the boundaries of traditional pages and stepping into a realm of immersive storytelling.

This groundbreaking project merges the skills and expertise of various talented individuals. From the insightful documentary footage crafted by editor and producer Theo Schear to the captivating stills captured by director of photography Amir Aziz, alongside the mesmerizing film images contributed by sound designer and augmented reality book publisher Michael Bobino, the series takes shape. With the integration of the Black Terminus AR augmented reality app, developed by director Damien McDuffie, the result is a truly unique and unparalleled immersive experience, inviting audiences to revel in the vibrancy of Black art and culture like never before.

How to use AR

How to use AR with F&M books

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world physical object. At F&M Publishing, LLC we use Augmented Reality to incorporate another layer of content into our literature via Smartphone or tablet.
  • Read the steps below on how to access our Augmented Reality features using the Black Terminus AR app.


  1. Download the Black Terminus app on a mobile device using the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Launch the Black Terminus app.
  3. Point the camera at cover and interior images of the book to experience AR.
    • Tip: Make sure silent mode is off to hear the audio with visuals.


    Was this tutorial helpful for you? Should you have any questions, please contact us at hello@fmpublishing.us.


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